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Submit to me! Lena Luthor x Kara Danvers by BadAssPANTieStalker
Mature content
Submit to me! Lena Luthor x Kara Danvers :iconbadasspantiestalker:BadAssPANTieStalker 106 10
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Portal 100 Themes: 5 - Break Up
Chell's eyes slowly eased open.
Her head hurt, Her sides ached, most of her skin was slightly red from the exposure to Vacuum, and her head was throbbing.
As she got up onto one knee, Chell realized how lucky she had been. If her lungs had been full, they would have exploded. She was lucky to come out of it with only pinched skin as it was.
Chell got up, realizing that she was in an Elevator, and that GLaDOS was looking in at her through the glass.
At the same time two robots - one tall and slender with an orange eye, and a shorter fat one with a blue eye – were standing a little way over to one side.
"Ah. You're alive." GLaDOS's eye adopted a displeased slant. "Actually, I shouldn't say that. I knew that you were alive. What I should say is: Ah. You aren't a vegetable."
She paused.
"For the record, I was hoping you were a vegetable."
Chell scowled.
"You know, I really should kill you right now. It would be simple. After all the hardships I've endured because of you. You do know t
:icondrey-wilkins:Drey-Wilkins 11 11
Entering Sleep Mode by magical-girl-maker Entering Sleep Mode :iconmagical-girl-maker:magical-girl-maker 10 1 Protection - WIP by SparklyWaffles Protection - WIP :iconsparklywaffles:SparklyWaffles 30 1
Tragic Consequences, Phase 1: The Lullabye
As the girl and the sphere navigated their way through the flora-filled facility, Chell found herself humming very quietly. Wheatley, of course, listened intently, enchanted by the wonderful music she was making without moving her mouth.
"What are you doing?" He said quietly, voice full of wonder, "It's lovely." Chell looked down at him, cheeks tinted with the slightest bit of pink.
"W-was I humming? Sorry. It was just... something my mother would sing when I was little. If I couldn't sleep at night. Which was most often," she said with a chuckle. Wheatley was in awe.
It was like magic.
It almost was, the way the facility grew quiet when she hummed. The birds would stop their cawing and chirping, and it was almost as if the plants stopped their growing.
Everything listened.
Wheatley, eventually, picked up on the notes and attempted to hum along with Chell as they traveled. He was even convinced that the birds were singing along, too.
Which they weren't, but it was a nice thought.
:iconkateboat:kateboat 5 5
2+2 by CharcoalShadows 2+2 :iconcharcoalshadows:CharcoalShadows 77 76
Portal Theme Challenge, 1-5
1. Names
Wheatley had been going to ask the test subject what he should call her. After all, she was the first one he’d found alive, and he didn’t want to just refer to her as “test subject” as they navigated the facility together. But she hadn’t seemed to be able to speak, so he hadn’t bothered. Instead he’d resolved to check her file, but then there had been an emergency evacuation, and he’d panicked. There just hadn’t been enough time.
And then he’d never had another chance. Oh, he supposed he could have asked Her, but he was pretty sure there was absolutely no way She’d ever tell him anything. Not after the way She’d screamed at him when he’d been attached to Her chassis. She’d always told him what a moron he was. He’d chattered at Her, about all sorts of different subjects (“D’you think it’d be a good idea if we replaced all the neurotoxin with, I do
:iconchlowo:Chlowo 38 250
Title: P.U.R.HolidayCheer™
Series: Portal 2
Paring: Creepy!GLaDOSxChell
Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of either Chell (property of Valve) nor CreepyGLaDOS (CreepyGLaDOS is the sole property of Digimitsu!) nor do I make any money from writing this!
GLaDOS narrowed her optic in disapproval. "You've got to be joking."
Chell grinned wider and looked up expectantly. GLaDOS could have face palmed. Scratch that. She did…with a well simulated sigh immediately following. This human had always been very very strange, but GLaDOS really should have come to expect that. Now, here she was all smiles, her jumpsuit on properly for once, but she ruined the effect of compliance with the ridiculous hat she wore. Where she had procured said hat was a total mystery. Likely from the bowels of the oldest part
:iconpervyyaoifancier:pervyyaoifancier 15 16
TimeLord of the Rings sketches by Saimain TimeLord of the Rings sketches :iconsaimain:Saimain 985 112 End of the year Chelldos dump by whutnot End of the year Chelldos dump :iconwhutnot:whutnot 44 24
Autolalia 2
“…no testing ever again?”
The voice was so quiet that GLaDOS almost didn’t hear it at first. She jerked her optic away from the sensor readings to stare at the test chamber. The sheet she’d dropped over her test subject was moving, and, hardly daring to believe it, she breathed, “Chell?”
As the human shoved the sheet off, GLaDOS could see she was laughing. Waves of emotion crashed over her, threatening to overwhelm her systems. She was relieved and furious and giddy all at the same time.
“You fell for it,” the test subject said as she stood up, shaking with laughter. “I can’t believe that actually worked. ‘I’ll even bake a cake for you!’” she mimicked. “It was all I could do to keep from laughing.”
“You…how did you do it?” GLaDOS managed. Despite her fury, she couldn’t help but be impressed with the girl. Scientific curiosity was getting the
:iconchlowo:Chlowo 39 74
Mature content
I'm Yours :iconchlowo:Chlowo 56 18


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